Spaces of Nature - Cascata da Cabreia

A drop of water (from the river Bad) on a river basin, shrouded in a dense vegetation, where the green extends to the range of the view. The cascade of Cabreira, in the sierra with the name of the same name, has 25 meters of height. A romantic atmosphere and inviting, complemented with supporting structures, such as the picnic area.

Cascata da Cabreia

Walking routes

The municipality of Sever do Vouga offers at this time 10 walking routes.
3 of these routes are in the parish of Couto de Esteves near the Vougaldeias, are these the Trail of Amiais, the Trail of the Agualva and the Rail of the Stone Moura.
The Trail of Gresso is also relatively close, in the neighboring parish in Rocas do Vouga.

Walking Routes

A look at Sever

Ecotrail de Sever do Vouga

The Ecotrail de Sever do Vouga is the result of a partnership between the municipality of Sever do Vouga and the Reference to the rehabilitation of the old Railway Line of the Vouga (Serenada do Vouga - Viseu).
With the start in place of the Mouth, to the side of the mouth of the river Bad, the Ecotrail follows to the north always parallel to the river Vouga and EN 16. Passes the building of the former station of Paradela and continues up to the limits of the municipality with the Oliveira de Frades in Fontelas.

The route passes through 5 tunnels and a centennial bridge, the bridge of the Pit of Santiago, monumental bridge which is a symbol of the identity of the entire region. The valley of the Vouga river provides magnificent landscapes.

The pedestrian route is shared with bicycles and is also allowed to move on roller skates, trotineta and skate.